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7.华盛顿大学?Professional Master’s Program of Computer Science & Engineering?申请条件:
  1. Work Experience

  2. Bachelor’s Degree and GPA

  3. GRE Scores

  4. Computing Background

  5. TOEFL? Scores

  6. Apply Online

  7. Resume

  8. Personal Statement

  9. Two or three Letters of Recommendation

  10. Transcripts

  11. Application Fee($85)

8. 佐治亚理工学院?Master of Science in Computer Science?申请条件:

  1. Completion of the online application.

  2. Receipt of three recommendation letters?.

  3. Scores from the general Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are required. V-153,Q-155

  4. The desirable minimum GPA is 3.0/4.0, though most candidates score higher.

  5. The Test of English as a Foreign Language


9.普林斯顿大学?Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.)?申请条件:

  1. Statement of Academic Purpose

  2. Resume/Curriculum Vitae

  3. Three electronic letters of recommendation

  4. Transcripts

  5. GRE

  6. English Language Tests(TOEFL,IELTS)

  7. Application fee is $90.

10.德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校?Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS)?申请条件:

  1. Application fee

  2. Transcript

  3. Statement of purpose

  4. Three letters of reference

  5. GRE and (international students only) TOEFL or IELTS scores


  6. CV and up to three publications.?

11.密歇根大学安娜堡分校?MS in Computer Science?and?Engineering?申请条件:

  1. Statement of Purpose

  2. Personal Statement

  3. Resume

  4. Research Interest

  5. Faculty Interest

  6. Three Letters of Recommendation

  7. Test Scores(GRE,TOEFL)?TOEFL:100

  8. Transcripts